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Web Design & Development

Studies reveal that the mobile phone is fast becoming the internet browsing tool of choice. More than 80% of mobile handset owners access the internet or browse the web through their mobile handsets. Mobile marketing is growing at an extremely fast rate with the releases of new and updated mobile platforms include the Windows Phone series, Android phones, the iOS platform, and the Blackberry platform. As more mobile platforms are developing, it is becoming increasingly important to develop a comprehensive mobile website for your visitors. Digitaladdsworld's mobile programmers excel in Mobile & WAP software development and porting web applications to the mobile platform. Our applications for wireless devices range from intricate networking applications to complex mobile-user interfaces. Our solutions are built and tested to function seamlessly between PDA's, Cell Phones, i-Phones, Blackberries, and all Smart Phones, creating better efficiency and a decrease in costs to your business or promoting your brand online. Digitaladdsworld's focus is to assist your business in maximizing the software-oriented opportunities offered by the mobile platform. We provide software application development, solutions, integration and consultancy services to help you achieve the most out of the mobile space.

Traditional VS Mobile

Traditional websites are optimized for view in a web browser on a desktop, laptop, or a net book. These browsers maintain a larger set of features compared to mobile web browsers as well as higher resolutions. Most websites are not optimized for mobile browsers and resolutions. Mobile is simplistic in design and optimized for fast loading on slower networks.

Our designers and developers can create strong websites with a clear and crisp visual design that loads efficiently in mobile browsers. A professional appeal is also communicated in order to brand your company through your mobile portal. Our development team will work to integrate your existing web infrastructure into the new mobile web approach of your company. Strong data management procedures and security precautions allow for faster communication with web browsers. Separate online websites for mobile and traditional browsing also allows for better tracking and identification of issues in code and compatibility.

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Digital addsworld.com is a leading business web hosting and web development company, is currently involved in web services, web content development, web hosting, domain registration, internet solutions and web design

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