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Google drive and Microsoft Onedrive are the most popular names in cloud storage. Both are backed up by big-name companies and rising day by day.  Both companies let you access your files and folders from anywhere. Now the point comes which one is best for you???

Let us help you with this detailed breakdown of OneDrive vs Google Drive.

1) Features

Microsoft OneDrive as name suggests itself its a Microsoft product, so it plays very effectively with other Microsoft apps. If you receive an attachment in Outlook, for example, you can right-click and save it directly to any OneDrive folder of your choice.

Likewise, Google Drive works nicely with other Google apps, such as Google Docs and Google Sheets etc..Integration with Gmail is also excellent. You can attach a file from your Google Drive directly from within the “compose” window.

2) Collaboration Features

OneDrive provides seamless integration with Microsoft Office apps(Microsoft word,Powerpoint,excel etc), as we’ve mentioned. If the file is shared with others, you can all work on the document simultaneously. You’ll see who else is working on the file, as well as any changes they make in real time. All changes are automatically saved to your OneDrive account. 

Google Drive integration works in a similar fashion, using Google’s own office apps, such as Google Docs and Google Sheets. You can see which other collaborators are viewing the file, with their name appearing as a different-colored cursor as they add new text.


3) Files Sync

OneDrive has a beautiful system called Files On-Demand. If you download an online-only file, it will remain on your hard drive after you close it. You’ll need to right-click and choose “free up space” to return it to being online-only. 

Disappointingly, Google Drive doesn’t offer a smart sync option. If you don’t want files taking up space on your hard drive, you won’t be able to see them in your Google Drive folder.As it doesn’t offer smart sync option.


4) File Sharing

Both providers make file sharing simple by creating shareable links.Each service gives you the option to determine whether the receiver can edit or view a file. Google Drive also allows you to set who can comment on the document.Whereas OneDrive also allow you to password-protect your links and set expiration dates to provide temporary access.

5) Ease of Use

OneDrive and Google Drive offer desktop clients for both Windows and macOS, but if you’re on Linux, you’re out of luck. OneDrive is installed with Windows 10, but you’ll need to sign in to use it.


6) Mobile App

Both providers offer mobile apps for Android and iOS.Also we have observed rock solid performance on both apps.Both apps are user friendly too.Both apps allow you to upload files from your phone, regardless of the operating system.

OneDrive Mobile app also allows you to scan documents, whiteboards, business cards and standard photos, with a different setting for each where google doesnt provide this feature.


As both services work very well.This totally depends on individual needs.Both are offering trial period and choose as per your requirement. 

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